2016 eczema and allergy highlights

It’s been a long year and in many ways a very challenging one but it’s easy to forget the highlights and focus on the negatives. I’m not sad to see the back of this year but I have a lot to be thankful for… Eczema and Allergy highlights for 2016 Lots of great things happened […]

Voted in the Top 10 Health blogs AGAIN!

We’ve done it again! This is a really quick thank you to everyone who reads, shares, comments and enjoys this blog. So how do they decide the Top 10 Health Blogs? This is what they told me… “How does Vuelio decide its weekly Top 10 blog ranking is a question we’re often asked – by […]

We’ve had 2 million views – thank you all!

Incredible news, hot off the press. This is just a short blog post because I think it’s pretty cool. You and over two million other allergy and eczema people have read this blog. WOW! Over Two Million people have visiting whatallergy.com… in total, over all time. Not in one day. Whoah! Now that would get […]

What Allergy? voted in the top 10 Health blogs in the UK

Very quick blog post today, I am just back from an amazing week’s holiday in Dorset (hence the radio silence) in a self-catering cottage, just me, my notepad, writing my novel and lots of books to read. I went on long country walks and did exactly what I wanted when I wanted and ate what […]

How to crash your blog’s server – half a million hits!

First of all I would like to apologise to anyone who tried to access this blog on the evening of 29th July and the morning of 30th July. It appeared that whatallergy.com had been suspended. But why? I was worried. I was thinking I’d probably lost data, that I may have been hacked. You hear […]

Evening primrose for eczema and allergies

This is Mike’s story, told very eloquently by his wife Jude. It’s about the long hard painful journey back from chronic debilitating eczema herpaticum to normal healthy skin by taking evening primrose oil. A real miracle story…

Shea butter for sensitive skin and eczema

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of shea butter for dry, sensitive skin and eczema? Worried it’s derived from a nut and might be allergenic? Read on for information about how unlikely it is to cause allergies and how I got on testing it…

Allergic to Dove soap ingredients?

Dove sensitive skin soap is truly mild, fragrance free, hypo-allergenic formula and dermatologically tested, but does this mean you won’t be allergic to it? What ingredients does it contain? and are you one of the few who find this soap a real skin irritant?

How do you cope with an eczema flare up?

Do you have eczema? The chances are that if you’re reading this blog about allergies then you are quite likely to suffer with dry sensitive skin of some description. So how do you cope when your eczema flares up?