Allergic to Chestnut – nut allergy or latex allergy?

Should you eat chestnuts if you have a peanut or tree nut allergy? I’ve researched and written about this before and chestnuts aren’t really nuts in the true sense so could be alright for some people with nut allergies, but as we all know, it’s never that simple. I’ve eaten chestnut before, by mistake, a […]

The Perfect Retreat – freefrom cafe in Chesham, Bucks, UK

The Perfect Retreat allergy friendly cafe in Chesham, Buckinghamshire is possibly my favourite cafe in the world EVER because you can get wheat, dairy, soya, egg and nut free cakes which taste amazing. Lucia, who runs this little cafe with her daughter makes all the cakes herself and is a complete genius. She even makes […]

Hazel nuts and country walks – nut allergy alert

This is something I had never ever considered as a danger. After all, I’m an adult, I won’t be picking up nuts from the floor so I’ll be fine, right? We are also not in the habit of holding hands, the mother-in-law and I but with small children there could be hand holding, fighting, shoving […]

Beware of Spanish Romesco sauce – contains nuts and wheat!

I love a bit of food porn, which is what I call my fascination with cookery programmes despite the fact that nearly every recipe on TV is laced with allergens that I can’t eat. I think in some way I’m imagining my other life, the one where I CAN eat all these things without fear […]

Dangerous to eat almonds with peanut allergy

If you have a nut, peanut or any allergy really cross contamination, especially with nuts which are often stored in large warehouses in open sacks or containers, you MUST remember that it is very hard to guarantee no traces of other nuts. This product alert today just goes to consolidate that fear. MULTIPLE RETAILERS – […]

Should you eat almonds if you have a nut allergy?

The general rule when you have any nut allergy is often to avoid all other nuts, but is this always wise? When you consider the very high risk of cross contamination between nuts and obligatory ‘may contain’ warnings is it safer to just avoid all nuts? If test showed you were not allergic to almonds, would you risk it?

What you need to know about nut allergy in France

If you thought noix and noisettes were the words for nuts in French then you need to read this. They have a few key phrases for the collective group of nuts and it could be very easy to get confused when eating out or buying packaged foods…

Making your own sesame free humous

If you have a sesame allergy you may never have tasted humous. For those with a dairy allergy it’s fantastic for sandwiches and salads. I wanted to try and make it myself but couldn’t find tahini paste without a nut warning. So, I found out how to make it…sesame free!

Shea butter for sensitive skin and eczema

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of shea butter for dry, sensitive skin and eczema? Worried it’s derived from a nut and might be allergenic? Read on for information about how unlikely it is to cause allergies and how I got on testing it…