How Protopic for eczema changed my life

Protopic is an ointment for treating eczema but it’s not a steroid, instead it is an immunosuppressant containing Tacrolimus, so it doesn’t have the negative side effects that even weak steroids have like thinning of the skin and steroid withdrawal reactions. What’s not to like? This is my review of using it for about 3-4 […]

Easy peasy totally freefrom gravy

If you really have a problem with shop bought stocks and gravy the easiest solution is to make your own. It really is easy. If I can do it, anyone can. Read on to find out how to make your own, cheap, easy stock that’s free from wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, garlic, onion, basically it can be freefrom anything you want if you make it yourself!

Did you miss me?

I’ve missed all of you guys and my trusty blog but life has just reared up and stolen all my blogging time away lately. I have loads of things planned for you like a write up of all the amazing things we learnt at the last Allergy Support Group with a nutritionist speaker, also learnings […]

Allergen barcode scanners – reviewed!

There seem to be quite a few iPhone apps available targeting those with allergies, food intolerances or dietary needs and the problems faced when shopping – have they made your life simpler and do they save time?

‘Look what we found’ gluten, dairy, celery and tomato free soup

This week I found a lovely gluten, dairy, celery and tomato free soup which is just delicious from ‘Look what we found’. Tasting is believing so give it a go.

Chocolate brownies taste testing – Fria and The Cake Crusader

This week I’ve been tasting and comparing chocolate brownies – both gluten and dairy free from Fria and The Cake Crusader. Read on to find out more. A taste explosion!

Why are allergies rising at such an alarming rate?

Allergies seem to be more and more common but why are cases rising at such an alarming rate? Experts estimate the number people diagnosed with allergies has more than tripled in the last twenty years. Read on to find out what the experts think…

Our herbs need YOU!

If you take herbs and supplements for your health you should read this article. Please ACT NOW to save them. Insane government legislation threatens the life of this vital industry…

Allergy apps for your iPhone

Having recently acquired my shiny new iPhone I have discovered many useful apps to help me organise my life, as well as fun games, gimmicks and tools. Last night I searched for ‘allergy’ in the Apps Store and was surprised to find quite a few…