2017 New Year Resolutions… taking control!

This year I’m going to get my focus back and find my caring side. For too long I’ve been in denial, that I already cut out so many things so why shouldn’t I indulge in freefrom processed foods as a treat and enjoy alcohol when I feel like it. I don’t need to watch my […]

Cutting out processed foods to help eczema – Day 1

I wanted to do a series of video blogs about this but my iphone has decided I shouldn’t be videoing myself. I have managed to go pretty much ‘processed food free’ now for months but I keep slipping up. I get it right for days at a time and then temptation falls in my path […]

Comparing gluten free bread – which is the healthiest?

Every wondered just how healthy gluten free bread is and how the different brands compare with each other. They have all improved their fat and calorie content recently but how does it compare to a normal 400g loaf and what’s the difference between the many gluten free loaves now on the market.Calories per slice are […]

Bio-Kult advanced probiotics for SALE

Probiotics are great for maintaining a healthy gut but I bought these in error (they contain dairy and soya) so if you would like to buy some head on down to ebay to be in with a chance of saving £5-10 off the price!

Why are Nak’d bars called naked bars Mummy?

Nak’d bars are a rich source of protein and are also dairy, egg and gluten free. They contain only natural ingredients and flavourings. Read on for a review of Nak’d bars…(not suitable for people with a nut allergy)

Vitamin B2 for cold sores

Noone likes having cold sores. They’re painful, unsightly and can spread easily. If you have the virus you’ll know all about trying to avoid getting them and fighting them when they come. Eating enough food containing Vitamin B2 can be one way of making sure you get less cold sores…

Achieving a balanced diet without certain food groups

The next Allergy Support Group from What Allergy and The Anaphylaxis Campaign is taking place on Wednesday October 3rd 2012 from 7.30 till 9.30pm. Jenny Tschiesche will be talking about ‘Achieving a balanced diet without certain food groups’

Which folic acid supplements are allergen free?

If you’re planning a family your doctor will probably recommend folic acid. If you have allergies to dairy and grains this isn’t quite so easy, most contain lactose, fillers, unknown ingredients etc. Here a few safe brands of folic acid for those with allergies.

Vitamin D3 for allergies and skin health

Are you getting enough vitamin D in your diet? It plays a vital role in skin health and allergies so read on to find out more about studies into benefits of vitamin D and which supplements and food sources are the best