Champney’s – great if you have allergies, coeliac disease, eczema or asthma

Do you struggle to find places that are suitable for you to stay on holiday? Yearn for some pampering but worry you’ll not be able to eat the food or relax and enjoy the experience. Champney’s health spa really do make an effort. Great for anyone with allergies, asthma, eczema or psoriasis.

Yoga postures for allergies and asthma

Most people probably associate yoga with meditation and perhaps a collection of postures and exercises which promote flexibility and relaxation, but it’s far more than that. A full yoga workout will: detox, boost adrenal, lymphatic, hypothalamus and pituatory glands for all round body and organ workout.

Can yoga alleviate allergy symptoms?

I recently read a post from entitled “Yoga and Seasonal allergies”. The article talks of a recent study (May 2009) where allergy sufferers practised Hatha yoga three times a week for ten weeks and saw marked improvements in their breathing and asthma symptoms.