Useful allergy links – everything you ever wanted to know about allergies


Useful Allergy links


Great allergy blogs:

  • Editor of, Michelle Berridale-Jonhson’s thoughts about food, health, allergies, freefrom – and cats!
  • Alex Gazzola’s blog, Food Allergy and Intolerance Ink, on coeliac disease, food intolerance and food allergy news, views, research, reports, media and analysis –
  • Heather’s very funny blog/rant WineNot about coping with a sulphite allergy –
  • YOSAKIME (Your smells are killing me) – tells the story of multiple chemical sensitivity, the need to revolutionise the way humanity views the odours we have created to cover-up nature and what those cover-ups are doing to our health –
  • Elizabeth Goldenberg’s Onespot Allergy blog. Her desire to protect her son led her to assemble a full line of products to help people stay safe and be prepared in the event of an allergic reaction –
  • Micki Rose’s Pure Health Clinic blog. Micki is a naturopathic nutritionist and health writer based in the UK. With 20 years’ experience in natural health she founder the renowned Purehealth Clinic –
  • Dr George Du Toit’s Allergy Blog which he writes for his patients is full of useful information for living with allergies –
  • Dr Adrian Morris Surrey Allergy Clinic where he assesses and clinically tests patients for allergies and immune conditions –
  • Jayne Aston’s Don’t eat that! blog is also really interesting and covers all dietary requirements, whether medical or a matter of conscience –
  • The Healthy House blog is great for anyone with dust, mould or fragrance allergies. Packed with information about water softeners, coping with eczema, dust protective bedding etc.

Great allergy blogs:

  • Nut Mums – Living with severe nut allergies – a parent’s perspective

Great allergy friendly recipe websites

  • FreeFrom Fairy – Simple, healthy recipes for the whole family to enjoy
  • The Recipe Resource – The Recipe Resource has been set up to support those catering for multiple food allergies, particularly in children. My youngest children suffer from EGID (Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease) which amongst other things manifests as reflux and constipation caused by food allergies. Providing a broad spread of alternatives not full of sugars, fillers or preservatives can be quite a challenge! It’s easy to find baby foods with few ingredients, and supermarkets stock a variety of adult “free from” foods, but children are sadly often neglected. – See more at:
  • For inspiration in the kitchen, check out the freefrom food recipes website
  • Cooking without ingredients has recipes for people with food allergies and intolerances.
  • Pig in the Kitchen – has been providing gluten free and/or dairy free and vegan allergy-challenged bakers with cake recipes since 2007 –

My favourite eczema blogs

  1. If you have ever felt low self esteem because of your eczema, especially if you are blessed with facial eczema, this eczema blog is so uplifting. Rebecca’s blog is about coming to terms with eczema and living life anyway. So what if you have eczema on your face and can’t wear make-up? So glad I found this one. Read it if you or your loved one struggles with depression because of their eczema. Let’s break the loop of self destruction.
  2. I have eczema blogspot is Jenny’s story and it’s both so sad and inspiring as she shares her struggle with eczema, photos of her skin and how she is coping with such bad eczema on her face. From someone who has eczema on their face I know what she is going through and love reading her blog. It’s good to know you are not alone.
  3. Eczema Blues is a resource for parents with eczema kids! Marcie’s Mum started this blog when her new baby girl developed eczema at just two weeks old giving her first-hand experience of how stressful it is to cope with a scratching, unhappy baby. Eczema Blues is a light-hearted and comprehensive resource for all you parents out there with eczema kids.
  4. My Eczema Skincare blog is a must read for anyone struggling to control eczematous skin, trying different creams and ointments and fighting through the flare-ups. You might discover something that might help heal your skin.
  5. Itchy Little World shares our family’s stories of battling eczema, allergies, and asthma using an integrative approach. It also features related news and stories from guest bloggers and industry professionals. Follow-us on our journey to itch-free, sneeze-free, wheeze-free days!
  6. Amy Lou has eczema and has done all her life. This blog is her journey from chronic eczema all over her body through topical steroid withdrawal.

Coping with kids with allergies

  1. Since having my daughter I have started a blog called A FreeFrom World, on parenting a child (and wifeing a husband!) with allergies and eczema. It can be found at:
  2. Feeding my Intolerant Child blog is all about bring up kids with food intolerances. Great for any parents who think certain foods are causing their children discomfort, eczema etc. If you can’t get allergy diagnosed, it could be a food intolerance. Often just as hard to live with if not life threatening.
  3. OK, so ‘Baby’ has grown a bit since first we started out – she’s just started school! BUT we’re still dairy free. I’m gluten free, as well, among other things. Read this blog if you have a dairy allergic child, it covers everything from shopping and weaning to parties and starting school.
  4. Free From for Kids has been set up by mum to two sons who have multiple food allergies and since they were diagnosed, have found it really hard to find nice tasting and attractive looking foods for them. It’s an online shop called Freefromforkids which sells foods that are free from many of the major allergens including wheat and gluten and we have a range of everyday foods, as well as foods for special occasions such as parties, Easter and Christmas. .
  5. The Allergic Kid shares her journey as the mother of an allergic child, recipes, tips and beautiful photographs of her inspirationally beautiful food creations. I’d never have thought they were allergen free.

Travelling with allergies

  • Gluten Free Mrs D is a seasoned gluten free adventurer and traveller. Visit her blog for holiday tips for different countries, including eateries in London and across the UK and recipes and general gluten free living –
  • Dublin with food allergies , written by Aurea Conroy, is a brilliant blog to visit if you’re thinking of visiting the Emerald Isles – you’ll find restaurant and product reviews.

Great Gluten Free and Coeliac blogs

  1. Michelle’s Coeliac’s Matterwebsite is a must visit for coeliacs, gluten free and wheat intolerants out there – ttp://
  2. Micki Rose’s Truly Gluten Free blog is full of information about coeliac disease, Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity, NCGS, recipes, tips, articles and a whole lot more –
  3. Gluten Free Mrs D is a season gluten free adventurer and traveller. Visit her blog for holiday tips for different countries, including eateries in London and across the UK and recipes and general gluten free living –
  4. The Gluten Free Guerrillas believe life is a Gluten Jungle for Coeliacs. Their aim is to help to collaborate and campaign for a better GF future for us, our friends and families. Together we can share tips and encourage organisations to offer more GF services and products. Get involved today! –
  5. The free from (gluten) blog also contains recipes and tips on living with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance –
  6. The Gluten Free Cat blog. Heather is a curious girl in a gluten free world. Her blog shares recipes and tips for eating out and hosting dinner for those with allergies –
  7. The Gluten Free Jesus Freak blog. Navigating the intimately connected cultures of Christianity and food –
  8. For gluten and dairy free recipes visit Grace Cheatham’sGluten and Dairy Free blog. –
  9. The FreeFrom Fairy blog is written by Vicky, the mother of a coeliac daugher who also has a dairy intolerance. She believes in the whole family enjoying simple, healthy meals together. When our daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease following allergies to dairy and eggs, I set about creating recipes that the whole family could still enjoy together. Oh & once I cooked for Michael Caines MBE! –

Health and lifestyle websites and blogs

  • talkhealth is an online patient support and information community for specific health conditions which provides a snapshot of the latest health news –
  • Nutritionist Resource provides the UK with a huge nutrition support network, enabling those in need to find a nutritionist close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will provide those seeking support with all the information they need. Every nutritionist on the site who has submitted their profile has either sent a copy of their qualifications and insurance cover to us, or is registered with a professional body with recognised codes of ethics and
  • Advance Nutrition from Christine Bailey is full of nutrition advice, recipes, the lot!

Allergy friendly household cleaning resources

Eating out with allergies

“Food Allergy Guide for Restaurants”


  1. Hi, thanks for a great list of links, have just spent ages going through them all. Would you consider adding me to your list under the -ahem- Great Allergy Blogs list?! for gluten free and/or vegan recipes.

    What is my strapline you say? Oh I dunno, something like:

    ‘Pig in the Kitchen – providing allergy-challenged bakers with cake recipes since 1997. You’re welcome.’

    🙂 Thank-you!
    Pig x

  2. And when I say ‘1997’ I of course mean ‘2007’. Numbers? Really not my thing…

    • Well Pig! Lovely to hear from you. (Can I call you Pig? it sounds wrong somehow). Check out the updated links list above. I checked it out and think it’s brilliant and inspriring me to experiment in the kitchen. Would be grateful if you could link back to me too! Do you have a links page? Love the sound of that pear pudding! Flat tummies are so last year by the way ;o)

  3. Well if you have a allergy of asthma ..Please try to visit this website and you can get some tips about it…

  4. I dont have celiac but thought that I did. So I started to eat simply fruits,veggies,walnuts and soups.If your not allergic to milk I imagine you could have a baked potato with homemade chili and sour cream. Salads with oil and vinegar type dressings.Also if theres no gluten in the cheese you could have a potato with brocolli and cheese.Also chicken,beans,steaks. Just no pasta, bread, ect.for breakfast you could have eggs and potatoes. You wont starve.

  5. Robert Brown says:

    Living with food Allergy means being prepared and staying safe. Kitchology offers a wide variety of resources and recipes to enable meal planning.


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