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  1. I run a shop in Cambridge stocking a lot of gluten free food. I am looking to expand the range of allergy related foods – my other criteria of the shop is that it is local , so I try to find cooks, bakers , producers , within a twenty to fifty mile radius. Would it be possible for me to put a notice on your website somewhere incase there are companies out there that might be interested?
    I am mainly looking for a local cook and small independent companies to work with. Kind regards,

    • We’re in Ampthill, not 50 miles away, if you’re interested.

    • Hi Polly, How is the shop going? And yes, of course, If you visit the Advertising page you can see the rates, or perhaps you might be interested in a guest blog about your shop? Check out the rates and let me know. Hope it’s going well.

  2. Aria Proffitt says:

    I like to know more about different health or just problems people have and if I look in to it than I could help in a way so I am excited to get daily emails about issues and health problems I promise I’m will look it up:-D


  3. There is a remedy called desensitisation provocation therapy. Martha Grout MD in Phoenix http://arizonaadvancedmedicine.com/about/dr-martha-grout/ and the Burghwood Clinic in the UK – http://www.burghwoodclinic.co.uk. I’ve seen miracles with this treatment and also experienced them myself. If you want to know more, email me at bjjayd@gmail.com.

  4. After i work out, have intercourse, lay in the sun or something as simple as cleaning(as long as I work up a sweat) I wake up with swollen eyes.
    Its been happening since 2008.
    ive been to dermatologista, allergists, eye doctors and nutritionist. Im sick of spending money on doctors that just prescribe me meds and creams for only temporary pain:/

    After I wake up with swollen eyes they go back to normal quick during the day, but as days go by the pattern is
    – red puffy eyes
    -itchy flakey skin
    -travels from my eyes to my nose then some of my cheeks and around my lips.
    -when its just about healed my skin gets very saggy and wrinkley!

    THE ONLY THING THAT SOOTHES IT is Cetaphil face cleanser and lotion.

    I hate my life in the summer because that is when it occurs more often. I go into a deep depression when this happens. Which is often.:/ I really need help/advice.

    • Well I am not a doctor but this sounds like what happens to me when I eat certain foods, I wake with just the reactions you describe. I get it from dairy, tomato, celery, cucumber… so I don’t know what to suggest unless you can get allergy tested? But as this is a delayed reaction it might not show in results. You could try an elimination diet for a short period of time, find a nutritionist of dietician who can advise you. I am also using Protopic with is an immune suppresant ointment which is really helping to dull down my weekly flare ups. You could also have exercise induced reactions, which I also have. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, it’s a huge learning curve, just trying different things. Interseting you mention intercourse, if it is an allergy, delayed reaction, allergens can get passed through sperm into your body. Unless of course you use condoms. What a minefield!

      • This sounds like “physical urticaria”, the allergy-like symptoms are caused by release of histamine when exercising or hot but it is not a classic(IgE antibody) allergy. The wheals go down after a while and until the next episode of heat, exercise, friction etc. Skin prick or blood tests are therefore not appropriate, as is food exclusion and eczema therapies. More info at http://www.allergyuk.org/skin-allergy/urticaria-and-angiodema On the right of this page page are tabs with further information.

    • Elizabeth Fasano says:

      Get a blood test for food allergies. I got it with my physical and found out was allergic to nightshade vegetables. That includes potatoes which shocked me. I eat potatoes every day. It also includes tomatoes which you might eat more of in the summer. Eggplant is on that list too. You can get rashes and lots of itching from it. There is a lot on line about it.

  5. My allergies started in my late sixties. Never had them before. It seems like the older I get, the more I get stressed out, so more of breakout of skin rashes. I’m really interested on how people cope with these outbreaks, albeit deleting food from our diets. I know most of my outbreaks are from sugar (chocolate). This is very hard for me to stop, i.e. stress leads to chocolate.. LOL.
    I use cetaphil cream with essential oils and it does calm the areas down a bit. Glad to have found this blog. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I’m in Nevada, USA.

    • Hi Maureen, I’m in the UK so Hi from way over here. HOw do you cope, the 60 million dollar question we all want the answer to. It’s so hard because all of us are different and we all have different triggers. Have you checked out the two Ebooks on the right hand column? One called 10 eczema secrets your doctor won’t tell you and the other, How I cured my eczema. Both are really interesting if your allergies trigger skin reactions. I found both really helpful and the second one, which I’ve only just finished has given me lots of food for thought. I’ll be writing about that book shortly. Is it just sugar? or the cocoa in the chocolate? IN the UK you can get sugar free chocolate which is pretty good. I also make flapjacks with fruit like dates which you can use natural sugars in. Are you OK with honey? or Black strap mollasses? Mollasses is a really unprocessed basic kind of sugar which you might find better for you. Sugar is VERY processed – read about it. You won’t want to eat sugar ever again. I have been trying salt baths recently which really help my skin to heal. They are full of minerals so aid healing and strengthen skin. So many things you could do. It’s one big long learning curve. But trying to simplify your life, avoid stress, that is one BIG key. If you can do that it will help massively. Not easy to achieve but I’m working on that in my life too… with some success. I use Pure Potions skin salvation, Epaderm, sometimes just pure coconut oil and 99% aloe vera to heal. Have you tried pure organic shea butter? Some people find that works really well too. Look at supplements like fish oils, evening primrose and make sure you are getting enough calcium, magenesium, zinc, vitamin e, selenium and everything good for skin and reducing inflammation. And keep smiling. I could go on all night. I’ll have to write a book 🙂

      • Ian Morris says:

        Hi Ruth after reading your blog on how to cope with a flare up it is not easy yes i agree with trying to destress but the items you you list would send me into an allergic meltdown as i suffer from too many to mention allergies except to say i am allergic to most natural products like coconut oil and shea butter and essential oils are one of the worst also anything that has a perfume to it is a nightmare so i have to choose very carefully and read all the ingredients of every bottle or cream that i am thinking of using. I also found out a long time ago that some creams or lotions use a lot of paraffin wax or liquid petroleum in there make up especially so for the major suppliers of these products. I know we that are allergic to things have to be careful with what they buy or use but it would be really nice if the manufacturers of so called ‘SAFE’ products used more control of what they put in them. I hope my ramblings make some sense and as for controlling the bad days you just have to be very vigilant in what you buy or use.

    • Dear Maureen,
      I wondered if you had considered investigating possible nutritional deficiencies such as a Zinc
      deficiency. It is easily depleted when a person is emotionally or physically stressed. The body cannot store Zinc so it is needed daily ideally via diet, but often this is not anywhere nearly sufficient.
      Zinc is involved with a great many health signs and symptoms including White Flecks on the nails, brittle hair and nails, dry itchy skin, Eczema, Acne, Dermatitis, too many signs to list here. Send an e.mail with your postal address and I’ll send more information and details of testing for deficiencies.

  6. After reading your post, Ruth, I got to thinking of my method of coping with these rash outbreaks. First of all, and not to lessen what we all go through during the process of healing, think of this solution. Let me remind you, nothing is easy and a sure thing, and it does take a bit of concentration, in fact, a lot of concentration to help yourself. Remember that it is the mind that is telling us that something is happening with our bodies, and with rashes it is usually itching, stinking, etc. Our continuous breaking out is what we do to remedy the situation, i.e. scratching, ointment, etc. What we don’t realize that when the mind gets into the act, it is telling us that we are healing.. itching is a sign that our bodies are starting to heal. And what do we do, we medicate, instead of leaving it alone to what comes naturally.
    I’m not an expert on this, I just know from experience what can help me to help myself.
    About 1-1/2 years ago, I had an outbreak of shingles (and yes, I did get the vaccine shot, but like some, it didn’t work). Anyone ever having shingles knows about the pain associated with it. When it got to the point that I couldn’t sleep, pain pills would not help, I searched the internet for a alternative way to help myself. I came across a website that talked about using your mind to rid yourself of pain. To this day, this is what I do:
    I bought some cheap plastic beads (you know the kind that they sell for little girls to play dress-up. I cut them up in groups that would be comfortable to use at night, i.e. 5, 6, 7, 8, because when you lay on them at night, you wouldn’t want to get tangled in them, anyway you get the picture. This is what I did, and still do. I take about 5 strands, put them under my pillow, and when I lay down at night, I pull one out, and place the first bead under my thumb, and pointer finger. And then, I rub the bead following down the length of the strand. Back and forth, until I wake in the morning and find them somewhere in my bed. Granted sometimes, I need 4 or 5 strands a night to get to sleep, but for me, this doesn’t fail me very often.
    The thing is to keep your mind off of the itching. Learn to control your mind, and let your body do it’s work. Go slow, try to keep the moistening cream handy, and when the itching starts, gently rub the area with cream.
    I’m sorry this is so lengthy, but I just had a bit of surgery on forehead (2nd time in 2 months) and it is now scabbing over and itches like crazy. If I scratch it will take longer to heal.. get the picture.. it’s a no win situation if we don’t help ourselves.

    • Thanks so much for this comment Maureen, I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before. I did read a very useful book, called the Eczema Solution which focuses on breaking the scratching habit but it didn’t quite get to how you take your mind of the pain in such a simple way. Sometimes I can ignore the itch. I find counting to 20 and not itching it usually results in the itch moving on. This way I can reduce the amount I scratch as you are quite right, often the itch is a healing process so it become a vicious cycle.

      However I also get raging nodular prurigo where myriad tiny white bumps positively crucify me, they bubble up in huge flocks of lumps and itch like all the ants in the word trying to break out through your skin. When I’m having one of these reactions there really is nothing I can do, it’s like hives on a massive scale and it’s absolutely hellish. For this to be conquered I need to find out what is causing it and that’s needle and haystack stuff. I’m getting close, it’s something in processed food and often alcohol so the body is a temple.

      I also find making sure an itchy patch is moisturised enough cannot be underestimated. Dry skin will itch more. Smooth on some emollient gently and it does help, for me anyway, and anything like aloe vera will help to cool and aid healing.

      Thanks for the brilliant comment Maureen. Need to get me some beads. Bet I end up tangled in them though.

      • I’d like more detail about those beads please. It sounds a good way to fall asleep.
        I have late onset exzema which gives me sleepless nights

      • I’d like more detail about those beads please. It sounds a good way to fall asleep.
        I have late onset exzema which gives me sleepless nights.
        No I have not posted comment before. This is my first effort.

  7. steph karl says:

    I break out when i sweat. Doctors say its contact dermatitis. The only sweat i don’t break out from is work out sweat. The inflammation is around my lips.. cheeks near my nose, eyes and bridge of my nose. Will start out with swollen eyes. Then they will all get red and patchy, itchy tight/dry, they peel and then heal. :/ i dont know why. Im not sure if it is something i come on contact with or something in my immune system. I feel like ive tried everything. I’m sick of going to doctors and just be given medicine and creams. I want to get to the root of the problem!!!

    • I do the same Steph, it’s really annoying as i like to exercise too. I try to go out early in the day and this time of year is easier as I can make sure I cool down properly outside. Cool shower after excersise helps and only wearing cotton or natural clothing that doesn’t irritate when you sweat. I think it feels like stuff that irritates sweating out through my skin pores but I don’t know if that’s the case. I get the exact same reactions you describe and it was happening all the time, even when I wasn’t exercising. Have you spoken to your doctor about Protopic? It’s an immune suppressant and has done wonders for the eczema flareups on my face. Still not quite addressing the actual problem but it’s a start.

      • P. J. Makres says:

        mine are so bad that I end up in the hospital. the doctor told me to just stay away from the fields. that is kind of hard because where I live the wheat is all around us. can you give me some points on what might help.

  8. Maree Corrigan says:

    I have had sinusitis for the last 3 months. After ruling out virus, infection & 3 lots of antibiotic. The cause was my Argan oil shampoo & conditioner, I have a tree nut allergy.

  9. Hi, I have had a severe allergic reaction to a hair dye I have used for 20 years, I have what looks like second degree burns on my face ears neck and chest, also my right eye is swollen, I am on antibiotics and antihistamines, also cetraban cream but does anybody know any home remedies I can use? Please help!

  10. barry martin says:

    Hi, could you please tell me is there a anti allergy tablet etc, for egg/dairy products allergy Thanks BARRY , symptoms swollen throat/glands tightening of chest , i’ve had this for years on & off . from Sydney , Australia

  11. s j barnes says:

    Lovely to be in contact with fellow sufferers. I am ‘elderly’ I suppose but always had reactions to pollen, sticking plasters, some clothes, some detergents, nickel bra straps, etc. I shrugged these off and just avoided. My body also seemed to adjust. The only problem taken to the GP was the nickel allergy about 50 years ago. I now have venous ulcers (cured) but skin reaction continues with now disastrous wet (dripping) eczema. Very sore and restricting my life no end. I think E45 cream triggered this as I decided to look after my skin better to prevent more problems….but it had the reverse effect. The E45 was recommended by the nurse at my GP practice.
    I think anyone with a leg ulcer or varicose excema needs to be asked by their GP or nurse about previous allergies so they can avoid the complications from the start.
    If only!

    • You would benefit from your GP referring you to a dermatologist for patch testing, as you may be reacting to a preservative or other ingredient and need expert testing and advice on safe treatment. Meanwhile, perhaps there is a community dermatology nurse or you could speak to the specialist dermatology nurse at the hospital.

  12. s j barnes says:

    I think it is the ‘tendency to have allergies’ (not the specific allergies) that needs to be recognised.

  13. just found this website. Used Dove Soap last night and had a severe allergic reaction. Had to get up from bed in the middle of the night and go to the pharmacy to purchase an antihistamine. At first I thought it was something I ate like a nut snack and then I used the same soap again tonight and same itchy skin from head to toe. I’m furious. This soap promotes itself as a product for sensitive skin..however…after doing research I see that ‘s it’s loaded with chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. How can this company get away with this. Something needs to be done about it.

    • I don’t know, but I guess millions use it without any problems. I think it’s really for people who ‘think they have sensitive skin’ or want to put products on their skin that is promoted as sensitive. It doesn’t stack up as suitable though when you look at the ingredients. Steer clear and sorry you had a bad reaction!

  14. Hello everyone I just went to the allergist and found out I was allergic to several foods, trees, molds, grass and weeds, pollens, and animals. And to top it all off I have sinus and asthma! ? You could imagine that visit didn’t go well. Now I have to have an Epipen with me at all times and make sure the people who I am around knows how to use the pen. Can you imagine that conversation at every social event. ??

  15. Hi Everyone,
    I just joined and have read all of the problems each of you have. I have had contact dermatitis for about a year. The flare ups are crazy. I am now 74 years old. I never was allergic to anything and then all of a sudden I get these rashes and itchy and start scratching until sometimes I bleed. I just had a patch test and found out I’m allergic to 9 chemicals. The main one is nickel.
    Now I’m more aware of more nickel objects and foods. I’m just starting out and realizing that nickel is all around me. Buckles
    on my belt, my watch, coins, door knobs, pots, batteries, etc. I started using non latex gloves and placing my coins & keys in a pouch and place it in my work bag.

    • Hi Gus, apologies for the slow reply, your comment got lost in the spam folder but I luckily just found it. Thanks for the comment and good luck with avoiding nickel. Do check out my blog on nickel in food… could be useful for you. Search on the home page. You’ll find it.

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