Top 10 blog posts in 2015

It’s not quite all about cold sores, eczema etc It’s that time of year when we make resolutions and reflect on the challenges and achievements of the previous year. I did a bit of analysis on the most popular blog posts from last year and these are the top 10… whoops, there appear to be […]

Our story – allergy and anaphylaxis – the first diagnosis – by Karen and Ian Connell

This is Ian and Karen’s story, about how they discovered their little three year old daughter was allergic to nuts and getting that first anaphylaxis diagnosis… Ian tells the story about how something so simple as feeding the birds started the allergic reactions. Just feeding the birds In March 2014 my little girl JoJo and […]

The Allergy UK Conference 2014 – My top 5

Last month I was extremely lucky to be able to attend The Allergy UK Annual conference, the first one they have run but hopefully the first of many. The quality of speakers was excellent and I learnt so much my poor brain was aching afterwards and my note pad is bursting with almost legible notes. […]

Sit still and stay calm! How important is this when having an allergic reaction?

What do you do when you realise you’ve eaten or drunk food you’re allergic to? Do you panic? Does your brain start to overheat, does fear begin to grip you as the swelling and tingling begins to spread? Or do you calmly take an antihistamine and sit still, just to see if it will recede or escalate?

The day I used my EpiPen for the first time!

Have you ever had an anaphylactic attack? Have you ever actually used your EpiPen? If you haven’t, and have ever been scared of trying, you should read this, and promise me one thing – you’ll use yours if you are in any doubt! Please?

10 tips for successfully managing asthma

Is your asthma 100% under control and well managed? I think for a lot of us with asthma it can quite easily spin out of control so I wrote my top 10 tips for managing your asthma…

Top 10 Tips for getting over an allergic reaction

Having an allergic reaction is painful, itchy and can drive you to distraction. How do you cope when you have a flare up? Here are my Top 10 Tips for overcoming an allergic attack

How to use an EpiPen – a simple demonstration

Everyone should learn how to use an Epipen. It is so simple to use and could save yours and/or someone elses life. Watch a short video demonstration on YouTube now showing you how to use an EpiPen…

10 tips to help you get over Christmas allergy disasters

With only one shopping and partying day till Christmas, the festive season is well under way. Be prepared with my top 10 tips for minimising allergy reactions this Christmas.