Listen very carefully, I shall say this many times…

This week a waiter in Canada has been charged after an allergic diner was served fish instead of steak; the customer was seriously allergic to fish and has alerted the waiter about this but sadly he had an anaphylactic attack and spent two days in a coma. Why did this happen? How could this happen? […]

1.5 million visitors to What Allergy in 2015!

Thank you all! What an awesome year! Happy New Year to you all, 2015 was a pretty busy year and this blog just continues to grow. Last year over 1.5 million people visited this blog. That’s awesome! People from 219 counties have visited this blog. That’s eye opening! The busiest day was last month with […]

What allergy live on MarlowFM radio

Just a very quick blog to let you know that I am going to be joining Phil Hawthorn, DJ extraordinaire, live on MarlowFM radio on Monday morning, 11am on 24th August. We’ll be talking about all things allergy related so if you have a question email it in on or Phone – 01628 488 […]

Have a Free From Feast on 12th June 2015

Allergy UK are holding our annual Free From Feast event on Friday 12th June 2015 to help raise awareness of the charity and funds to support the work they do. You can get involved by holding a picnic, cake sale, BBQ, dinner party or street party free from allergens such as egg, milk or wheat/gluten. […]

The European Anaphylaxis Task Force – working for you!

Before going to EAACI in June I had never even heard of the European Anaphylaxis Task Force but it does indeed exist and its aim is to establish a patient driven stakeholder platform across Europe. Frans Timmermans is the President and CEO of this task force and is based in The Netherlands. I attended a […]

99 year old allergy specialist doctor nearing 100th birthday and still practicing!

Are allergies just a modern thing? Dr Bill Frankland, 99 year old allergy doctor would disagree. He’s been treating allergies throughout his career and pioneered research, treatment and allergy testing. Read on for a bit of inspiration…

National Allergy Strategy Group parliamentary reception – inspirational, emotional and packed!

The National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG) do loads to build awareness of allergies. 22nd Feb saw allergic people, MPs, doctors and allergy specialists all coming together to share their stories, journeys, advice, statistics and support.

Friends will make mistakes just like you do!

How do you help friends, restaurants, work colleagues and the world understand what allergies really mean? It’s a mind set that will take time to filter through. This is about why you have to nag, quiz, remind, check and check again no matter who is cooking for you.

Allergy lobbying at the Houses of Parliament

I attended a fantastic reception organised by the National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG) at the Houses of Parliament this week. Not only did I attend, but I also got my first taste of public speaking…