Calling all Food Allergy Cooks!

Rampage Studio are looking for up and coming cooking presenter talent for a new video web venture focusing on food allergies and intolerances. They’re after fun energetic people who live in harmony with their food allergy or intolerance and really love the food they make and eat.

An update from Coeliac UK and Anthony Demetre

Feedback on the BBC Saturday Kitchen Anthony Demetre debacle: Read responses from Anthony Demetre’s agent and Coeliac UK, who had a response from the BBC.

Coeliac chef Anthony Demetre causes uproar!

Coeliac chef Anthony Demetre causes uproar this weekend with his comments that he gorges on pasta and pizza every now and then because if he didn’t, his body would completely reject it when he did? Confused?

A big thank you! YOU made it happen…

You might remember a chef called Aylene Lambert who entered the Vegetarian Chef Times Challenge with her sweet and spicy carrot soup, well, if you do remember and you voted, thank you very much; she came first! But can we do it again?

Raymond Blanc is cooking Gluten Free bread

Watch BBC Two tonight (Monday 29th March) at 8.30pm, for Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets. He’s going to be cooking some Gluten Free Bread! Yay! A celebrity chef that understands allergies…