I’m her worst allergy! No I’M her worst allergy…

This is a silly blog inspired by a cartoon I saw recently of a glass of red wine arguing with a lovely mug of black coffee about who she loved the most. She loves me more! said the angry glass of red wine. She loves ME more! spat back the jealous mug of steaming black […]

Allergic to bad grammar – laughing about allergies

Being a writer and a bit of a grammar pedant this cartoon made me laugh, probably more so because I am all three, an allergic writer who is pedanatic about grammar. I saw it on Facebook last week and just had to share it. Thought you could all do with some allergy laughs. Anyone else […]

Joke about eczema on TV actually made me laugh

If you need a little light relief there was a funny joke on ‘Not going out’ last week about eczema. Anyone who has eczema will know it’s no laughing matter, but it’s good to have a laugh every now and again and this really made me laugh.