Why I love Nairns gluten free oat cakes – an ode to oat cakes

There are a few freefrom products which I just love and cannot live without. Nairns is one of them, and because I eat a nairns oak cake if not every day, at least every week I forget about how amazing they are because they are just always there. Part of the weekly shop. Chosen for […]

Facial eczema and mirrors – a short poem

If you have facial eczema mirrors are the enemy. Even reflective windows can show up your rosy visage in all it’s vivid horror. People with eczema have bad skin days AND bad hair days. This is a short poem I wrote on particularly bad skin day…

How many days have I lost to you my allergy?

This week I am mostly feeling frustrated, itchy, annoyed, cross and in pain, so today I wrote a little poem about how I’m feeling because allergies suck. They’re horrible, confusing and not easy to live with. Go away allergies. How many days have I lost to you?

Avoiding coriander at Christmas

Do you have a coriander allergy? Do you despair of finding coriander used as an ingredient in everything? Christmas especially seems to be mean that all food MUST contain coriander! Why? Just a little rant. I’ll get over it. Oh and I wrote a very silly poem about KoreanDuh!

The lonely peanut, a poem by Ruth Holroyd

One day while daydreaming I wondered what it would be like to be a peanut. Feared by some and banned from flying, attending parties, banished to a lonely sad life. It’s just a bit of fun since having life threatening allergies can be quite intense and take over your life a bit.

Five poems about eczema and allergies

Because it’s National Eczema Week I thought I’d pull together all the poems I’ve written about having allergies and eczema into one place. I hope they strike a chord and help you realise there are others out there, you are not alone…

I dream of… a short poem by Ruth Holroyd

I dream of profiteroles, Buttered bacon rolls
Risotto, pizza, garlic bread, Not a care in my head

Blood on the sheets – a poem about scratching at night

A poem to sum up how I feel right now, in the middle of an itch, scratch war and loosing. Scrubbing the blood from the sheets this morning I found inspiration from this song and wrote this poem.

Allergic reaction at The Allergy Show

Imagine the irony of someone having an allergic reaction at The Allergy Show. Despite checking carefully I was unlucky enough to do just that. Was it really a safe place for people with life threatening allergies and coeliac disease and what can we do to make it safer next year?