What Allergy? in Mail on Sunday – newspaper who brand us all paranoid

Right you lot, I normally don’t recommend anyone to buy the Daily Mail in any form. If it was the only newspaper on the shelves I would probably walk on by hissing and spitting at it. But this weekend my blog is in it! Woo Hoo. I still haven’t quite got over the ‘woman is […]

New guidelines for diagnosing food allergy

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have today published guidelines on diagnosing food allergy in children in a primary care and community setting. These are the first allergy related guidelines to be delivered and they aim to give information to health professionals in primary care on how to suspect and diagnose food […]

Patch test dummy!

Patch tests are a way of exploring and pin pointing atopic allergens that could be affecting your skin in every day life e.g. perfumes, washing powders, preservatives and cosmetics to name just a few.

Skin prick tests – what are they all about?

After my recent experience having skin prick tests for various suspected allergens I would advise anyone who is struggling to identify what they are allergic to to give it a go. Speak to your doctor and request a refferal to your local allergy clinic.

Avoid, reintroduce or desensitise – what’s the answer?

I’ve been reading more this week about the doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and their amazing trials to cure peanut allergy. But what is the answer? Should we avoid foods? Cure allergies with lengthy and complicated desensitisation treatment or slowly reintroduce foods naturally to avoid the problem in the first place?