Write an Anaphylaxis Allergy Action Plan

If you need to carry adrenalin for your allergies and have anaphylaxis then you should have an Action Plan written to remind you, your family and friends and also your child’s school teachers and carers, exactly what to do in case of emergency. Have you written yours?

The day I used my EpiPen for the first time!

Have you ever had an anaphylactic attack? Have you ever actually used your EpiPen? If you haven’t, and have ever been scared of trying, you should read this, and promise me one thing – you’ll use yours if you are in any doubt! Please?

Use your EpiPen!

If you have a serious allergy to anything you will most likely carry an EpiPen in your bag at all times, but have you ever actually used it? Are you terrified about that prospect and think you just might get better naturally without bothering 999 and wasting the drugs? My advice, if you’ve having an allergic reaction and are getting short of breath, call 999 and use your EpiPen!