The A word… on anaphylaxis, allergies

After the flurry of blogs that filled Allergy Awareness Week last week, I am reflecting on why I write. There are many reasons, including to share stuff I’ve learnt, help others and as a therapy; the latter being very high on the list. Writing about having allergies and ranting occasionally about things that get me […]

Emerade adrenaline auto injectors are in stock

Social media and even the tabloid press have been covering news that some adrenaline auto injectors are having stock problems, some have even been out of stock, which is a big worry if yours has expired or even worse, you’ve just used your last one for a real anaphylactic reaction. Being without your life saving […]

Interested in taking part in some Food Allergy Research?

This is a message from a research company who want to speak to people with allergies in the South East. I’ve checked out their website and it all seems quite legit so if you want to get involved it could be very worthwhile and interesting too. Read this if you have food allergies and live […]

Allergic reaction at The Allergy Show

Imagine the irony of someone having an allergic reaction at The Allergy Show. Despite checking carefully I was unlucky enough to do just that. Was it really a safe place for people with life threatening allergies and coeliac disease and what can we do to make it safer next year?

The day I used my EpiPen for the first time!

Have you ever had an anaphylactic attack? Have you ever actually used your EpiPen? If you haven’t, and have ever been scared of trying, you should read this, and promise me one thing – you’ll use yours if you are in any doubt! Please?

Use your EpiPen!

If you have a serious allergy to anything you will most likely carry an EpiPen in your bag at all times, but have you ever actually used it? Are you terrified about that prospect and think you just might get better naturally without bothering 999 and wasting the drugs? My advice, if you’ve having an allergic reaction and are getting short of breath, call 999 and use your EpiPen!

Raising awareness for The Anaphylaxis Campaign – Orange Wig Day!

I wore an orange wig all day on Thursday 22nd June to raise awareness for The Anaphylaxis Campaign. People across the country will have been doing the same thing – did you see anyone with an orange wig on?

What is celery allergy?

Celery seems an innocent sort of vegetable really doesn’t it? Well for some it causes very strong and dangerous reactions. Find out more about celery allergy…

How to use an EpiPen – a simple demonstration

Everyone should learn how to use an Epipen. It is so simple to use and could save yours and/or someone elses life. Watch a short video demonstration on YouTube now showing you how to use an EpiPen…