Pycnogenol helps block histamine production

Could a simple plant extract help to reduce hay fever, allergic reactions and asthma? Studies into the potency and success of pycnogenol, a natural herb extract, seem to suggest it could do just that…

Can a Pill Cure Hay Fever?

I have always suffered from what I would have called mild hay fever, annoying, but just something I got on with. If I sat on grass I would get itchy eczema along with the usual sneezing runny nose and eyes and if I spent to long outside, asthma. I usually took antihistamines to combat the […]

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – Diary day three!

Third session of oxygen therapy for allergies and asthma. The hardest part is comitting to and actually having the session, making time in the busy work/life balancing act, but I’m hoping it will be worth it. Find out more here…

Surviving house renovations with a dust allergy

Living through household renovations is exciting, a massive challenge and also very hard work. How do you avoid the dust? and what can you do to minimise the effects of the ever growing ranks of tiny particles that multiply and spread throughout your house?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – Diary day two!

After an amazing night’s sleep I had another session in the oxygen chamber. I’ve been really impressed with the dedication of the staff at the MS Centre who give their time voluntarily to keep the centre going and it’s already made me think I’d like to help out if I can.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – Diary day one

For some time I’ve heard rumours that oxygen therapy can help with allergies so I’ve decided to give it a go. Follow my diary as I go through treatment and find out whether this simple and relatively inexpensive treatment could help me cope with my allergies and asthma

5 tips for surviving house renovations with asthma and allergies

Having internal building work done to your house can be a very stressful business. Dust can and will get EVERYWHERE! So here are my top tips for avoiding asthma and allergies during house renovations and building work.

10 tips for successfully managing asthma

Is your asthma 100% under control and well managed? I think for a lot of us with asthma it can quite easily spin out of control so I wrote my top 10 tips for managing your asthma…

Prednisolone contains lactose! Why do steroids contain dairy?

Drugs and pills often contain lactose because it’s perfect for the job. It is almost tasteless, prevents caking, makes a great coating and ‘hardly anyone reacts to it’. But if you have a dairy allergy, what are the alternatives?