Be thankful in 2014 – allergies can be a gift

Have you written any New Year’s resolutions yet this year? i.e. Get cured of allergies, eradicate eczema, eat out more without fear, world peace, get fit, write that book… Do you struggle to keep to them? Why not explore the idea of continually viewing life as a chance to change, to be better and to […]

7 replies to stupid comments about your allergy face

If you get sore, red, itchy allergic reactions on your face, or visible eczema or psoriasis, you will know the pain & fear of negative comments. Here are seven replies you could use when you get asked really daft questions about your skin. Positive thinking is the way forward.

Does my skin look bad in this? You could say…

Do you find it hard when people ask how your skin is or comment on an allergy rash? Here are a few responses you could use to reply. It’s importnat to stay positive, learn to love yourself and accept your skin, allergies etc. and most of all keep smiling!