Allergy free cakes for any occasion from The Cake Crusader

Gluten free, dairy free and nut free cakes for special occasions from The Cake Crusader. Treat your child, wife or friend to a delicious celebration cake – and I promise you will not believe it’s a free-from cake – it tastes just as good as the real thing!

Chocolate brownies taste testing – Fria and The Cake Crusader

This week I’ve been tasting and comparing chocolate brownies – both gluten and dairy free from Fria and The Cake Crusader. Read on to find out more. A taste explosion!

A twist on gluten free cake-in-a-mug – mesquite flour!

One of my favourite treats on a cold miserable day is to cook cake-in-a-mug, which is quick, easy and tasty. Read on for my latest discovery, a delicious, tasty new gluten free flour which adds a real zing to any cake, cookie or meat dish…

Gluten free Cake-in-a-mug!

For those of you who have a gluten allergy, my recent cake-in-a-mug blog post was a little disappointing as it contained self-raising flour in the ingredients. After a few pleas for a GF version I found a delicious sounding alternative recipe…

Dairy free Cake-in-a-mug in just three minutes!

Dairy free chocolate cake, in a mug, in just 3 minutes? Could it be possible I hear you ask? Dairy free cake, made in a mug? Yes you read that correctly, and the best bit of all is that it only takes three minutes to cook in the microwave.

Cup cake heaven!

I have a plea to Erin McKenna of BabyCakes NYC. Please, please, please open a shop in London. I read about Erin in the Saturday Telegraph; she has opened a healthy cake shop in New York’s Lower East Side, but these are not just your ordinary organic wholesome cakes…