Calling all coeliacs in Barnet, Herts!

A market researcher I know is running some focus groups in Hertfordshire on behalf of a gluten free food manufacturer and would really value your views on a range of matters about a gluten free diet. All participants have the chance to provide valuable input to help influence gluten free foods, plus you will receive […]

FreeFrom things we’d love but never get!

The FreeFrom Eating out Awards are in progress so if you are a food service company you still have a week or so to enter. You can do so online here: . Each year we meet to judge the entrants for foods suitable for food service and the quality just keeps on getting better and […]

Why I love Nairns gluten free oat cakes – an ode to oat cakes

There are a few freefrom products which I just love and cannot live without. Nairns is one of them, and because I eat a nairns oak cake if not every day, at least every week I forget about how amazing they are because they are just always there. Part of the weekly shop. Chosen for […]

Coeliac Gluten Free tweetup #gftweetup – Mon 11th July, 8pm

A date for your diaries! There will be another gluten free tweetup #gftweetup on Monday 11th July at 8pm. The last one was great fun so don’t miss out and please spread the word…

Chocolate brownies taste testing – Fria and The Cake Crusader

This week I’ve been tasting and comparing chocolate brownies – both gluten and dairy free from Fria and The Cake Crusader. Read on to find out more. A taste explosion!

The first of many gluten free tweetups #gftweetup

Thursday 2nd June was the first gluten free tweetup. Search for #gftweetup if you want to read the conversations and questions. Read on to find out more…

Novak Djokovic goes gluten free – unbeaten ever since!

Tennis star Novak Djokovic, recently diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and sees his tennis game flourish on a gluten free diet. Read on to find out more…

Book review – Coeliac disease: What you need to know!

Coeliac disease – what you need to know is a new book written by health journalist Alex Gazzola. Packed full of information about the prevalence of CD across the world, diagnosis, treatment, avoidance and a whole lot more. Read on for a review of the book.

An update from Coeliac UK and Anthony Demetre

Feedback on the BBC Saturday Kitchen Anthony Demetre debacle: Read responses from Anthony Demetre’s agent and Coeliac UK, who had a response from the BBC.