Top 10 blog posts in 2015

It’s not quite all about cold sores, eczema etc It’s that time of year when we make resolutions and reflect on the challenges and achievements of the previous year. I did a bit of analysis on the most popular blog posts from last year and these are the top 10… whoops, there appear to be […]

What symptoms do cold sores cause?

Are you plagued with unsightly cold sores? Do they make your life a misery at this time of year? If you’ve tried everything and are looking for a natural treatment you might be interesting to read more about cold sores and treating them…

The cold sore dies – cold sore diary

If you get cold sores you’ll know that once they’ve taken hold you’ve had it. I’m trying a new lotion I found from Boots which seems to be burning and stinging them into submission…

What is the difference between cold sores, shingles, eczema herpaticum and impetigo?

There are many skin problems that you may be unlucky enough to suffer from at some time in your life, but it can often be difficult to identify exactly what it is that you’ve got. Some skin complaints can look remarkably like another but the treatment might be very different.

Do’s and Don’ts for fighting cold sores

You know the signs, that tell-tale little tingling sensation that signals you’re in for a real treat, a cold sore is on the way, but there are loads of natural remedies and practical things you can do to send them packing…