Wheat and dairy free onion bhajis or patties

Special thanks to Chris Bridge of Summergrove Halls for this fantastically simple recipe for onion bhajis and you don’t need a deep fat fryer to make these. Thanks also to my niece Zoe who was a dab hand at bhaji making from her ski chaleting days and was able to help out admirably! ‘Can I […]

Calling all Food Allergy Cooks!

Rampage Studio are looking for up and coming cooking presenter talent for a new video web venture focusing on food allergies and intolerances. They’re after fun energetic people who live in harmony with their food allergy or intolerance and really love the food they make and eat.

Top ten tips for cooking separate meals; one allergen free and one normal

Is there more than one person with allergies in your household? Do you all eat the same thing and ban all allergens? or do you try to eat together but sometimes cook separate meals at the same time? Fraught with problems, so here are my top ten tips for cooking at home when some have allergies and some don’t!

Are microwave ovens safe?

Most kitchens will have a microwave oven. They are indispensable for heating drinks, meals, cooking vegetables, jacket potatoes, defrosting etc. How much do you use yours? How much do you know about what it does to your living environment and the food you eat?

12 tips – Cooking a meal for someone with allergies

Panic, panic, what do you do if you get a date with someone who has allergies? or realise you’ve invited someone to dinner who has a serious allergy? Here is ‘part one’ of my tips for dating or cooking for an allergic person. “How to cook a meal for someone with allergies”.