Foodamentalists ‘Frangipane Mince Pies’ win Christmas category at The FreeFrom Food Awards 2012

Because this company is one of my favourites this year, and because I wrote the press release, here is breaking news of the Foodamentalists winning streak at the FreeFrom Food Awards, taking home one gold and three other commendations. Trust me when I say their stuff is gluten and/or dairy free and tastes good… check them out!

My delicious #DF, #GF lunch today

You’re hungry, you’re busy and you need to grab some lunch. So what do you have if you can’t eat dairy, wheat, gluten, tomatoes, celery, eggs or nuts? Try this delicious idea for cold quinoa salad with watercress, sweetcorn, mackeral and nori flakes.

Christmas present idea #1 – Allergy free cookbook

This week we cooked pork meat balls for tea; they were really tasty and very easy to make. The recipe came from “I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright, a brilliant allergen free cookbook, and an excellent idea for a Christmas present…

What is that froth on black coffee?

Ever wondered what that layer of froth really is on the top of black coffee? Ever suspected that it might be due to dairy or milk traces? After a bit of research I can now reveal that it’s just a sign of very fresh, good quality coffee…

Allergy free cakes for any occasion from The Cake Crusader

Gluten free, dairy free and nut free cakes for special occasions from The Cake Crusader. Treat your child, wife or friend to a delicious celebration cake – and I promise you will not believe it’s a free-from cake – it tastes just as good as the real thing!

Marks & Spencer food – accidentally dairy free!

How many products are accidentally dairy free? or free from other allergens? Here I examine a handful of products I found amongst the every-day food in Marks & Spencer.

Can you be allergic to calcium lactate?

Calcium lactate sounds like it comes from milk, or lactose, but in fact it’s completely dairy free. Read on to find out what calcium lactate is and for a link to a list of ingredients that sound like dairy – but aren’t!

Find out where to buy Fria products online and in store

Find out where you can buy the amazing gluten free and dairy free Fria bread, rolls and cakes online and in stores – and don’t miss out on the buy-one-get-one-free offer on Gluten Free Foods Direct next week…

New Swedish shop opens in High Street, Barnes, West London

A funky new all Swedish food store has opened in Barnes, London, and it stocks many gluten and dairy free products, including our favourite gluten free bakery company Fria. Read more about Annethe and TotallySwedish…