Bring back immunotherapy for allergies!

Leonhard Noon and John Freeman pioneered immunotherapy treatment here in Britain a hundred years ago, yet it seems we learnt little from their success. Read on to find out more about immunotherapy and how it can cure some allergies.

Boy cured of allergy to dogs with immunotherapy

One lucky little boy from South Wales has been cured of his life threatening allergy to animal hair with an amazing new desensitisation treatment, literally with a hair of the dog cure! Sounds amazing? Find out more and read the Daily Mail article…

Egg intolerance cured!

I have successfully reintroduced egg into my diet and I’m loving it; I can now eat meringues, cakes made with eggs, crisps and biscuits including egg, and actual eggs themselves. Find out how I got on…

Will Brett be cured of his milk allergy?

Do you have a dairy allergy? Have you ever had anaphylaxis after eating or drinking dairy? Ever had to use your EpiPen and be rushed into A&E? If you have then you just have to watch this short video of Brett, a young boy from Boston in the US. Will he be cured after a long six months of desensitisation treatment? Click here to find out…

Avoid, reintroduce or desensitise – what’s the answer?

I’ve been reading more this week about the doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and their amazing trials to cure peanut allergy. But what is the answer? Should we avoid foods? Cure allergies with lengthy and complicated desensitisation treatment or slowly reintroduce foods naturally to avoid the problem in the first place?

Allergies – why do we have them?

I often ask myself the question, “Why do I get allergies?” and “Why do other people NOT suffer at all?” It does seem quite unfair. I eat a very healthy diet as a result of avoiding so many nasties, I don’t smoke, don’t drink that much, try to keep fit and do as much exercise as I can, so what’s the key?