The Best Anti-Allergen Bedding

No one wants to be beset by coughing, sneezing, breathing difficulties and a feeling of general malaise; although unfortunately nowadays it seems that more and more people every year are being affected by allergies. Although animal-based allergies are very common, the most common at present are allergic reactions caused by dust mites and their droppings. […]

Snail allergy cross reaction with dust mite allergy

This is Keene’s story about having a very rare allergy to snails which might have something to do with the very common allergy he also has to dust mites. Allergy to house dust mites is fairly well known but could there possibly be any connection between that and the slimy molluscs he also has to […]

Surviving house renovations with a dust allergy

Living through household renovations is exciting, a massive challenge and also very hard work. How do you avoid the dust? and what can you do to minimise the effects of the ever growing ranks of tiny particles that multiply and spread throughout your house?