Avoiding allergic reactions at spa hotels

A good massage and a relaxing time with friends can do wonders – but an unplanned allergic reaction could completely spoil your day so be prepared if you plan a trip to a spa hotel, there could be hidden dangers…

Allergy lessons learnt from a holiday in Portugal

Going on holiday with allergies can be daunting and stressful, but with good preparation you can have a great and safe time. Check out what I learnt after my recent holiday to Portugal.

Coeliac chef Anthony Demetre causes uproar!

Coeliac chef Anthony Demetre causes uproar this weekend with his comments that he gorges on pasta and pizza every now and then because if he didn’t, his body would completely reject it when he did? Confused?

Impressed with ASK restaurant but watch out for the parmesan!

Eating out at ASK pizza and pasta restaurant is quite easy for those with allergies due to their knowledge and cataloguing of each meal, its ingredients and allergens. Just beware of the parmesan!

Fish cakes at The Pink and Lily

Eating out with allergies is often fraught but at The Pink & Lily it is so easy. For a review of delicious fish cakes and over half the menu on offer either free from or adaptable to most allergies, read on…

Eating out with allergies – eat with your eyes!

Even if you feel comfortable and trust a restaurant, if it looks suspicious stand your ground. I recently had to eat with my eyes and it saved me having an anaphylactic attack…

My “Happy Meal” experience

Eating out can be tough, and McDonalds allergen list does help – but when everything contains allergens, then what do you do? Find out how I got on whilst trying to find food fast…

Allergy junkies – is fast food OK?

Having allergies has made me very careful about what I eat, and as a knock on effect, my diet is extremely healthy; most meals are cooked from scratch and I’m really careful when I eat out. We all try to be really good, but what about when you feel like being just a little bit naughty. Are there any safe opions?

Three Cheers to John Lewis!

Hip Hip! Hooray! Hip Hip! Hooray! HIP HIP! HOORAY! I met friends for lunch today at John Lewis in High Wycombe and they had a choice of two different allergen free biscuits on offer…