Happy Easter – alternative treat to easter eggs

Happy Easter to you all from What Allergy? There are lots of companies making freefrom dairy and nut free Easter eggs out there including Kinnerton, Plamil, D&D and Celtic chocolates but for those of you who failed to get hold of one or just fancied something different, here is an alternative easy, quick and totally […]

Gluten, dairy, soya, corn and egg free pizza bases

If you have a dairy, wheat or tomato allergy or avoid gluten and corn check out Venice Bakery’s gluten, dairy, soya, egg, corn and wheat free pizza bases. Really easy to cook and they taste great. Have you tried them yet?

Bird’s Custard powder invented because of egg allergy!

Did you know that Bird’s custard was invented over a hundred years ago because of egg allergy. Yet we are constantly told that allergies are a new thing. Perhaps they’re not so new and people just suffered ill health in silence. Read on for more custard facts…

Christmas present idea #1 – Allergy free cookbook

This week we cooked pork meat balls for tea; they were really tasty and very easy to make. The recipe came from “I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright, a brilliant allergen free cookbook, and an excellent idea for a Christmas present…

“I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright – Discount to all subscribers

If you subscribe to the free what allergy weekly newsletter then you’re entitled to a discount on the fantastic new allergy cook book, “I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright. Instead of paying £10.50 you pay £9! Saving the £1.50 postage and packing costs.

Delicious Gluten Free Freedom Cookies

I just had to share this recipe for gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free delicious cookies from Cookability. They’re quick and easy to make and absolutely yummy.

Allergy friendly easter eggs

Buying allergy friendly Easter eggs can be hard work but a real treat for those with dairy, wheat, egg and nut allergies. Most supermarkets will stock some allergy free options but make sure you study the ingredients and caution/may contain warnings.

Inspirational allergy free cookery course

Fancy going on an amazing, inspirational and challenging allergy friendly cookery course? Didn’t think it was possible? Read on to find out how I got on at Cookability’s gluten, egg and dairy free cookery course in Battersea, London.

Pancake heaven!

For all you pancake lovers out there, I have collected together a few different recipes for dairy free, egg free, wheat free pancakes etc. What’s your favourite topping?