Death by adrenaline auto-injector – are they safe?

People often ask me, are adrenaline injectors dangerous? “If I use one on my child and they weren’t having a servere reaction, could it cause them any harm?” Is it safe to use an expired EpiPen, Jext of Emerade adrenaline injector? Could using two auto-injectors ever cause an overdose of adrenaline? These are all common […]

Emerade – the new adrenalin autoinjector

Emerade – Available from February 2014 A new Adrenaline Auto-injector now available in the UK; Emerade is now available on NHS prescription. You use it in much the same way as the Jext and Epipen by removing the safety cap, pressing to the outer thigh and holding in place for 5 seconds. However you’ll notice […]