Emerade adrenaline auto injectors are in stock

Social media and even the tabloid press have been covering news that some adrenaline auto injectors are having stock problems, some have even been out of stock, which is a big worry if yours has expired or even worse, you’ve just used your last one for a real anaphylactic reaction. Being without your life saving […]

Emerade – the new adrenalin autoinjector

Emerade – Available from February 2014 A new Adrenaline Auto-injector now available in the UK; Emerade is now available on NHS prescription. You use it in much the same way as the Jext and Epipen by removing the safety cap, pressing to the outer thigh and holding in place for 5 seconds. However you’ll notice […]

Interested in taking part in some Food Allergy Research?

This is a message from a research company who want to speak to people with allergies in the South East. I’ve checked out their website and it all seems quite legit so if you want to get involved it could be very worthwhile and interesting too. Read this if you have food allergies and live […]

Use your EpiPen!

If you have a serious allergy to anything you will most likely carry an EpiPen in your bag at all times, but have you ever actually used it? Are you terrified about that prospect and think you just might get better naturally without bothering 999 and wasting the drugs? My advice, if you’ve having an allergic reaction and are getting short of breath, call 999 and use your EpiPen!

Jext takes on EpiPen

Have you heard about the new auto-injector called Jext? ALK are no longer distributing the EpiPen as of September 2011, instead they are making their own Jext and are now in competition with EpiPen. Read on to find out more…

A poem about having an anaphylactic attack…

Another poem, written after a frightening anaphylactic attack. Read on for a bit of light relief. It’s a bit deep and emotional, but that’s what it was like…

How to use an EpiPen – a simple demonstration

Everyone should learn how to use an Epipen. It is so simple to use and could save yours and/or someone elses life. Watch a short video demonstration on YouTube now showing you how to use an EpiPen…

Where do you keep yours?

Over the years I’ve stored my EpiPen in various receptacles such as a cigar case, pencil tin, glasses case, make-up bag etc. I’ve also used a couple of different purpose built cases. Where do you store your EpiPens to keep them safe?

New Year, New Food, New EpiPen, New You!

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions this year? I’ve made a long list, as I always do, of things I aspire to do. This year it’s going to be all about being prepared. Read on to find out more…