Why The Allergy Show IS great!

The Allergy and FreeFrom show 2012 in London was busier this year than ever. Despite being unfortunate enough to have an allergic reaction at the show, here are my highlights, from just a morning wandering around. So much more to see…

A quarter of the population think people with allergies are fussy eaters!

This week we hear that a quarter of the UK population actually thinks that those with allergies are just being fussy eaters. Find out more about Food Allergy and Intolerance Week which helps to raise awareness of what allergies really are and the difference between allergies and food intolerances.

What is celery allergy?

Celery seems an innocent sort of vegetable really doesn’t it? Well for some it causes very strong and dangerous reactions. Find out more about celery allergy…

Coeliac chef Anthony Demetre causes uproar!

Coeliac chef Anthony Demetre causes uproar this weekend with his comments that he gorges on pasta and pizza every now and then because if he didn’t, his body would completely reject it when he did? Confused?

Allergy UK 20th anniversary awards – 1 April 2011

I was excited about attending my first ever Allergy Awards ceremony and very proud to have been invited so you can imagine I was very flattered to be asked to cut the anniversary cake!

Eating out with allergies – eat with your eyes!

Even if you feel comfortable and trust a restaurant, if it looks suspicious stand your ground. I recently had to eat with my eyes and it saved me having an anaphylactic attack…