Ten top tips for a Genius gluten free Christmas

Listen up all you coeliacs, wheat allergics or grain intolerant types. You might be thinking Christmas is going be tough, avoiding wheat and breadcrumbs in stuffing, sausages, gravy, canapes etc. etc. Fear not because here are ten top tips to help you get Christmas covered. Have yourself a totally Genius gluten free Christmas. Making gluten […]

My husband stole the croissants

One of the things I really miss about avoiding certain foods are croissants and pain au chocolat – they are but a distant memory. If you avoid gluten and/or wheat because you have a food intolerance, allergy or are coeliac, check out these new gluten free treats from Genius

Why The Allergy Show IS great!

The Allergy and FreeFrom show 2012 in London was busier this year than ever. Despite being unfortunate enough to have an allergic reaction at the show, here are my highlights, from just a morning wandering around. So much more to see…