Allergic to wheat? List of wheat free lager and real ale

I’m really doing this for myself as a reference because I have a wheat allergy and a love of real ale – not always a good combination. I plan to contact the brewers to find out if their draft beer is made with the same recipe as their bottled beer. Could you safely assume that […]

Another year of freefrom food awards judging

You may be thinking that it’s the life of riley, swanning up to Foods Matters head quarters and tasting a bit of this and bit of that. Well you’d partly be right, it is one of the high lights of my allergy calendar, but not because it’s easy. We arrive early and get started straight […]

Is calcium propionate safe for gluten free baked goods?

Calcium propionate can be found in many gluten free baked goods and it may be the cause of many of migraine headaches. So what’s it included for? Is it really needed? E282 – Calcium propionate Calcium propionate “Occurs naturally in swiss cheese; prepared commercially from propionic acid. The propionates occur naturally in fermented foods, in […]

What did Paul Hollywood really say about coeliacs?

The Twittersphere and social media gossip has been full of anger at comments made by Paul Hollywood in a recent interview that, he was “sceptical about the whole Coeliac thing”. He also said he thought that coeliac disease is often “misdiagnosed” and that people should try different breads citing Sourdough bread as an example. And […]

Judging gluten free beer at the FreeFrom Food Awards

Don’t think for a minute that gluten free beer is taste free, far from it. Some of the entrants made normal real ale and discovered after testing that it was naturally gluten free, some were brewed without any barley or hops so it was challenging judging and the more you drank the more you loved them all! Read on to find out more about the gluten beer judging session…

Gluten, wheat and dairy free tortilla wraps

Ever thought you’d never be able to enjoy tortilla wraps again? Well you can! I tried The Foodamentalists gluten, wheat and dairy free tortilla mix and they were delicious. If I can make them, anyone can, so give it a go!

Embracing the gluten free challenge for Coeliac awareness week

This week, from the 14th to 20th May it’s Coeliac Awareness Week. What are you doing to raise awarness and are you taking the Gluten Free Challenge?

Gluten free and dairy free pork pie heaven

Having recently become a new pork pie fan, a kind of pork pie convert, I had to share this fantastic gluten and dairy free pork pie with you. Now us gluten challenged mortals can picnic in style!