50% more people have hay fever this year

I think you’ll all agree, this year has been an incredible summer so far. I love England in the sun, it’s like being on holiday and the feeling of the sun warming the skin is one of my favourite things. But if that warm, dry weather brings with it clouds of pollen, spring and summer […]

What is Super Pollen and Thunder Fever?

Hayfever is a worry for many people around spring and summer time but what if I told you that things could be about to get much, much worse. Think pollen on steroids. Imagine all those pollen particles splitting and doubling their misery… it sounds like something from a hayfever horror story. And it’s real! I […]

20 things you can do to reduce hay fever symptoms

The recent coverage of seasonal tree pollen allergies on Countryfile Diaries was really good, but as is the usual thing with TV, you miss out on so much of the actual filming. You guys only get a snapshot. But I got so much information and learnt so much from Shenagh Hume, the garden expert who […]

Indoor Allergies – Effective Natural Relief and Protection

Allergy UK Indoor Allergy Week – 20th -26th October 2014 The onset of the colder weather and the wilting of the flowers will come as a relief for the millions of Brits who have spent the summer battling with hayfever symptoms. But for so many more, the allergy battle is just getting started with approximately […]

Can you be allergic to cucumber?

Have you ever wondered whether you have a cucumber allergy? Do they make your lips tingle and give you a nasty wheezy feeling in your throat? Is this a true allergy and how common is cucumber allergy? Read on to find out more…

Pycnogenol helps block histamine production

Could a simple plant extract help to reduce hay fever, allergic reactions and asthma? Studies into the potency and success of pycnogenol, a natural herb extract, seem to suggest it could do just that…

Coriander allergy – watch out for ‘spices’!

Ever noticed ‘spices’ in an ingredients list? You probably don’t give it a moments thought, but if you have coriander allergy, this might mean the presence of coriander. Always check with the manufacturer, and read on to find out more about coriander allergy…

Ten foods to fight your hay fever

If I told you that there were ten tasty foods that could really help your hay fever you’d want to know what they were wouldn’t you? All these foods are healthy, tasty and good for you so it’s worth a try and just might help you survive the summer with less hay fever…

Could hay fever be linked to allergies?

The hay fever season has begun. I’ve been sneezing, snuffling and mopping my streaming eyes for the last few weeks now and this prompted me to find out exactly what causes my hay fever…