Can you have immunotherapy if you have asthma?

For years I’ve been trying to get a referral for immunotherapy for my hay fever and dust mite allergy but have been told that it’s not available, that I wouldn’t qualify because I have asthma etc. etc. OK… but my dust allergy causes most of my asthma problems in the first place, if it was […]

Can the NHS cope with allergy and dermatology needs?

The number of people with allergies, eczema, asthma and coeliac disease is rising. Whilst NHS budgets are falling and Allergy Support Staff are being cut; so how can the NHS cope with this increase in need for support? What can we do to help ourselves?

Five proofs that allergies aren’t so modern

They didn’t have allergies in my day. It’s all in your head. Could you cure yourself by just eating lots of your allergen? Ever get fed up hearing comments like this? Well allergies are not new and here are just a few proofs that they’ve been around for some time…

99 year old allergy specialist doctor nearing 100th birthday and still practicing!

Are allergies just a modern thing? Dr Bill Frankland, 99 year old allergy doctor would disagree. He’s been treating allergies throughout his career and pioneered research, treatment and allergy testing. Read on for a bit of inspiration…

Bring back immunotherapy for allergies!

Leonhard Noon and John Freeman pioneered immunotherapy treatment here in Britain a hundred years ago, yet it seems we learnt little from their success. Read on to find out more about immunotherapy and how it can cure some allergies.

New guidelines for diagnosing food allergy

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have today published guidelines on diagnosing food allergy in children in a primary care and community setting. These are the first allergy related guidelines to be delivered and they aim to give information to health professionals in primary care on how to suspect and diagnose food […]

Boy cured of allergy to dogs with immunotherapy

One lucky little boy from South Wales has been cured of his life threatening allergy to animal hair with an amazing new desensitisation treatment, literally with a hair of the dog cure! Sounds amazing? Find out more and read the Daily Mail article…

Will Brett be cured of his milk allergy?

Do you have a dairy allergy? Have you ever had anaphylaxis after eating or drinking dairy? Ever had to use your EpiPen and be rushed into A&E? If you have then you just have to watch this short video of Brett, a young boy from Boston in the US. Will he be cured after a long six months of desensitisation treatment? Click here to find out…

Avoid, reintroduce or desensitise – what’s the answer?

I’ve been reading more this week about the doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and their amazing trials to cure peanut allergy. But what is the answer? Should we avoid foods? Cure allergies with lengthy and complicated desensitisation treatment or slowly reintroduce foods naturally to avoid the problem in the first place?