Kissing eases eczema and allergy symptoms

You heard it here first! Kissing is good for you. Well we all know that, but kissing when you have eczema and allergies could be particularly beneficial! I love this piece of news, more proof that snogging is seriously underated and I can’t think of a much better treatment for eczema and allergies, can you? […]

Why are oxygen chambers so effective at healing?

Why does going in the chamber work better than sitting on the wall breathing O2? Henry’s Law states that a liquid can hold a certain quantity of gas at a given pressure. If you increase the outside pressure then the liquid can hold more gas than previously. So if you double the amount of external […]

Testing Protopic ointment for eczema – does it work?

Most people with moderate to severe eczema will have heard of Protopic. If you haven’t yet come across it it’s an appealing treatment – it’s not a steroid so doesn’t thin the skin like steroids do. I first discovered it when my sister was prescribed it to treat her eczema. She raved about it and […]

Evening primrose for eczema and allergies

This is Mike’s story, told very eloquently by his wife Jude. It’s about the long hard painful journey back from chronic debilitating eczema herpaticum to normal healthy skin by taking evening primrose oil. A real miracle story…