5 things to help your dry scalp eczema or psoriasis

If you’ve ever had scalp eczema or an itchy scalp you will know how maddening it can be. Sometimes you wonder if you might even have nits and the dry skin flaking is embarassing.   Because eczema on the scalp is harder to treat it can get out of hand, hiding unseen under your hair – […]

Blood on the sheets – a poem about scratching at night

A poem to sum up how I feel right now, in the middle of an itch, scratch war and loosing. Scrubbing the blood from the sheets this morning I found inspiration from this song and wrote this poem.

Got eczema? Always keep your nails short

Ever woken with nasty, deep, painful scratches from having sharp snags on your finger nails that you didn’t file down? Just grab a nail file and smooth it off. But if you do get the scratch of a dragon in the night – soothe with shea butter.