Lactic bacteria in wine – what does this mean?

Having recently noticed ‘lactic bacteria’ on a wine label after a nasty skin reaction I decided to look into wine allergen labelling in more details. It seems wine producers are seeking an exemtion from having to declare allergens. What do you think?

Prednisolone contains lactose! Why do steroids contain dairy?

Drugs and pills often contain lactose because it’s perfect for the job. It is almost tasteless, prevents caking, makes a great coating and ‘hardly anyone reacts to it’. But if you have a dairy allergy, what are the alternatives?

Expert’s Question Time on Lactose Intolerance

Do you know what intolerance is? What’s the difference between allergy and intolerance? Would you love the chance to ask experts in the industry your burning questions? Join a free webchat today (Tue 9 Nov) at 6.30pm.

I’ve changed, I’d be good for you now…

Over 90% of people who think they can’t have dairy can with Lactofree. It’s worth checking out, but if you do have a real dairy allergy Lactofree is not suitable. I just thought this new video was so funny I had to share…

Can’t drink milk? You’re normal!

For many, the mere mention of milk will be enough to invoke memories of nausea, skin rashes, cramps, bloating, and in extreme cases, even anaphylaxis. These sypmtoms can be caused by a lack of the enzyme lactase. What would you say if I told you that ‘lactose deficiency’ in adults is atually normal? It’s those milk guzzling ones who are abnormal…

Antihistamines contain lactose

I recently discovered through my dietician that antihistamines contain lactose, which with a dairy allergy I should obviously avoid. The syrup’s do seem to be lactose free. Seems a bit crazy for a drug that should help counter allergy effects to contain a known allergen.