Allergic to Melolin wound dressings

If you have a latex allergy the chances are you are also allergic to plasters. I have known about my allergy to sticky plasters for years and usually have a stock of the hypo allergenic plasters but when you get an injury that requires something more that just a plaster what can you use? I […]

Allergic to Chestnut – nut allergy or latex allergy?

Should you eat chestnuts if you have a peanut or tree nut allergy? I’ve researched and written about this before and chestnuts aren’t really nuts in the true sense so could be alright for some people with nut allergies, but as we all know, it’s never that simple. I’ve eaten chestnut before, by mistake, a […]

Can you be allergic to loom bands? Contain latex!

The latest craze to sweep across Britain’s playgrounds is loom bands and the kids love them – not so great if you or your child is allergic to latex though. Loom bands recently shot to fame after a lady sold a loom band dress made from thousands of the little loops for £170,100 plus £7 […]

Root canal surgery and allergies – Six things you need to know

If you are having trouble with a tooth and are advised to have root canal surgery by your dentist you could need to worry about more than just the pain in your purse. If you have a latex allergy you need to make sure they don’t use anything that will make you ill e.g. the rubber dam and gutta percha. Research this well and speak in detail to your dentist before going ahead and good luck!

Shea butter for sensitive skin and eczema

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of shea butter for dry, sensitive skin and eczema? Worried it’s derived from a nut and might be allergenic? Read on for information about how unlikely it is to cause allergies and how I got on testing it…

Eleven things that could make you allergic to your clothes!

Getting unexplained rashes and can’t seem pinpoint where they’re coming from? There are a few things you could look into including washing powders, chemical coatings, latex, nickel and more. Read on for a real toxic pea souper…

Allergy free condoms

If you have a latex or dairy allergy and ever need to buy condoms, there a number now on the market which are suitable, but did you know condoms can contain dairy in the form of casein? Find out which brands are safe…