Top 10 blog posts in 2015

It’s not quite all about cold sores, eczema etc It’s that time of year when we make resolutions and reflect on the challenges and achievements of the previous year. I did a bit of analysis on the most popular blog posts from last year and these are the top 10… whoops, there appear to be […]

iPads can cause nickel allergy

If you have a nickel allergy then you probably know the main things to avoid like metal objects, coins, zips, studs on clothes, jewellery, certain foods even. The list of things containing nickel is endless but had you ever considered that your beloved phone or trusty iPad could cointain nickel? This subject has been on […]

Good and bad food for a nickel allergy

Did you know that jewellery and metal objects are not the only things you might be allergic to if you react to nickel? Many foods can contain naturally occuring very high levels of nickel including chocolate, cashew nuts, walnuts etc.

Medical bracelet or allergy tattoo?

Do you wear a medical tag or bracelet that explains what you’re allergic to? Ever forget to wear it or lose them? You could consider a medical tattoo, a bit drastic for most but it would always be there. What do you do to alert paramedics of your allergies?

New 5p and 10p coins raise Nickel allergy concerns

The Royal Mint has already begun production of new 5p and 10p coins which some experts believe could be highly allergenic for those with nickel allergy. So what’s different with these new coins and why are they potentially more allergenic?

Eleven things that could make you allergic to your clothes!

Getting unexplained rashes and can’t seem pinpoint where they’re coming from? There are a few things you could look into including washing powders, chemical coatings, latex, nickel and more. Read on for a real toxic pea souper…

Ten tips for coping with Nickel allergy!

Being diagnosed with a nickel allergy might sound like no big deal, but when you start to discover all the hundreds of everyday things that contain nickel, such as coins, keys, zips, studs in clothes, kitchen utentsils… how do you avoid them?