Our story – allergy and anaphylaxis – the first diagnosis – by Karen and Ian Connell

This is Ian and Karen’s story, about how they discovered their little three year old daughter was allergic to nuts and getting that first anaphylaxis diagnosis… Ian tells the story about how something so simple as feeding the birds started the allergic reactions. Just feeding the birds In March 2014 my little girl JoJo and […]

Allergic to Chestnut – nut allergy or latex allergy?

Should you eat chestnuts if you have a peanut or tree nut allergy? I’ve researched and written about this before and chestnuts aren’t really nuts in the true sense so could be alright for some people with nut allergies, but as we all know, it’s never that simple. I’ve eaten chestnut before, by mistake, a […]

Beware of Spanish Romesco sauce – contains nuts and wheat!

I love a bit of food porn, which is what I call my fascination with cookery programmes despite the fact that nearly every recipe on TV is laced with allergens that I can’t eat. I think in some way I’m imagining my other life, the one where I CAN eat all these things without fear […]

5 things to help your dry scalp eczema or psoriasis

If you’ve ever had scalp eczema or an itchy scalp you will know how maddening it can be. Sometimes you wonder if you might even have nits and the dry skin flaking is embarassing.   Because eczema on the scalp is harder to treat it can get out of hand, hiding unseen under your hair – […]

Should you eat almonds if you have a nut allergy?

The general rule when you have any nut allergy is often to avoid all other nuts, but is this always wise? When you consider the very high risk of cross contamination between nuts and obligatory ‘may contain’ warnings is it safer to just avoid all nuts? If test showed you were not allergic to almonds, would you risk it?

What you need to know about nut allergy in France

If you thought noix and noisettes were the words for nuts in French then you need to read this. They have a few key phrases for the collective group of nuts and it could be very easy to get confused when eating out or buying packaged foods…

Can you buy nut and dairy free cocoa powder?

Have you ever tried to find guaranteed nut and dairy free cocoa powder? You can find lots that have a recipe that’s freefrom and a ‘may contain’ warning, so why is that? And what risk are you taking if you ignore that little warning?

Should a nut allergic avoid water chestnuts?

Do you avoid all nuts and foods with nut in the name? None with a life threatening nut allergy could be blamed for playing it safe and avoiding all potential allergens, however water chestnuts are most definitely not nutty, so eat them!

Haggis may contain nutmeg, mace and coriander

With Burn’s Night fast approaching and the Haggis sleeping quietly in the fridge you might want to consider whether the supper is safe for you and how to create an allergy safe meal of haggis, neeps and tatties. Very easy using safe spread and milk in the mash, but what about the haggis?