10 reasons to be cheerful about allergies

Here are TEN things that make me very cheerful about having allergies, but remember, don’t let your allergies define you or rule your life. Be positive, embrace the challenges you have been given and get out there into the allergy infested world and make it a better place.

7 replies to stupid comments about your allergy face

If you get sore, red, itchy allergic reactions on your face, or visible eczema or psoriasis, you will know the pain & fear of negative comments. Here are seven replies you could use when you get asked really daft questions about your skin. Positive thinking is the way forward.

Embrace your allergies – Six reasons why having allergies is great!

Allergies are cool! Allergies are sexy! See the positives in any situation and it doesn’t seem quite so bleak so embrace your allergies. Here are six reasons why having allergies is just great!

New Year, New Food, New EpiPen, New You!

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions this year? I’ve made a long list, as I always do, of things I aspire to do. This year it’s going to be all about being prepared. Read on to find out more…

Top twenty allergy jokes

Having allergies is not funny, but a bit of dark humour every now and then never goes amiss. On my quest for good allergy jokes I discovered some good, some bad and, well see for yourself and have a laugh…