Tangle teezer helped heal scalp eczema

Who would have thought that a simple brush would help so much in the healing of my scalp eczema. I have tried everything from various lovely new natural shampoos, rhassoul clay shampoo, organic scalp oils etc. and whilst these all help, I continue to rip my scalp apart with my comb or brush. Even soft […]

Treating scalp eczema in 3 easy steps

Secretly you examine your scalp, with finger tips fine tuned to rooting out that scab or the dried clump of blood coating the hair shaft. It’s like an addiction. The skin hurts but you can’t leave it alone, questing finger nails gently tease and lift scabs and drag them along the hair to be disposed […]

5 things to help your dry scalp eczema or psoriasis

If you’ve ever had scalp eczema or an itchy scalp you will know how maddening it can be. Sometimes you wonder if you might even have nits and the dry skin flaking is embarassing.   Because eczema on the scalp is harder to treat it can get out of hand, hiding unseen under your hair – […]