Rhassoul clay shampoo for dry, itchy eczema scalp

If you have eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and/or a dry flaky scalp then you are probably familiar with the constant search for that perfect shampoo. The solution to all your dry itchy scalp woes and an end to all those embarrassing flaky bits of skin that look like dandruff. I’ve tried everything from coal tar […]

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2014 – the winners!

One of my top Allergy Show highlights was the third annual FreeFrom SkinCare Awards ceremony which took place hidden away in a room in the back corner of the exhibition hall in the Love Natural Love Organic show, which was taking place on the same day in the same hall. Why was this one of […]

Free Purepotions skin salvation products for National Eczema Week

Hey there has never been a better time to have eczema. I’ve got yet another free product offer, this time from Purepotions, who make delicious and luxurious skin salvation salve for your skin and a bath oil. Treat your skin and enter this competition. First come, first served so be quick. Only one winner!

Allergic to Dove soap ingredients?

Dove sensitive skin soap is truly mild, fragrance free, hypo-allergenic formula and dermatologically tested, but does this mean you won’t be allergic to it? What ingredients does it contain? and are you one of the few who find this soap a real skin irritant?

‘Origins long wearing concealer’ for covering up skin rashes

Ever wished you could wear makeup but know that it irritates your skin? I’m not promising miracles but this concealer works really well for me. Cover up those rashes when you have a flare-up. Read on to find out more…

Natural and luxury skin care products

You probably take careful note of what you eat, but do you examine the ingredients in the skin care products you use? Do you understand what all those ‘ates’ and ‘iums’ really are? and how do you find really natural products to use?

Linalool in skin care products can cause eczema and allergy

Have you ever heard or linalool? It’s found in many skin care, cosmetic and shampoo products but it is known to cause eczema and allergic reactions in some sensitive people. Are you one of them?

Top 15 things NOT to put on your skin

You’re probably very aware of the ingredients in the food you eat, but are you as vigilant with your skin care products? What’s really in them? and what should you definitely never put on your skin?

Aqueous cream is the worst thing to use for eczema

Aqueous cream has often been prescribed as the first choice moisturiser for people with eczema but now it’s been proven to actually make skin worse! Stop using Aqueous cream now if you haven’t already!