Soya allergy and guar gum – is there a connection?

If you are allergic to soya you should take a very hard look at anything containing guar gum. This is something I’ve never come across from any doctor or allergy specialist so I’ve never worried about it before. However, if you examine ingredient lists from many freefrom foods, guar gum is often present. So what […]

Incredible #soyafree soya sauce alternative – Coconut Aminos

I discovered this stuff at the FreeFrom Food Awards judging session last week. Honestly, how can I have a diagnosed soya allergy for over three years and not have discovered that there is a fairly widely available and pretty amazing alternative to soya sauce? ‘Coconut Aminos’ have apparently been around for some time and are […]

FreeFrom things we’d love but never get!

The FreeFrom Eating out Awards are in progress so if you are a food service company you still have a week or so to enter. You can do so online here: . Each year we meet to judge the entrants for foods suitable for food service and the quality just keeps on getting better and […]

Why I love Nairns gluten free oat cakes – an ode to oat cakes

There are a few freefrom products which I just love and cannot live without. Nairns is one of them, and because I eat a nairns oak cake if not every day, at least every week I forget about how amazing they are because they are just always there. Part of the weekly shop. Chosen for […]

Kidney bean allergy? What the legume is that all about?

If you have an allergy to peanuts or soya you could develop problems with other legumes, including peas, beans, lentils etc. But you might be fine with other legumes and a problem can arise at any time. Read on to find out more about the slow sneaking up of my kidney bean allergy

Soya allergy – a complex issue…

Soya is one of the top 13 allergens that have to labelled in the UK and until just this year it wasn’t one I was particularly worried about. How do you know you have an allergy to soya? This is how I discovered that I’m still on the allergic march and have picked up another one… soya allergy – welcome to my world!

Delicious dairy free coconut yogurt from CoYo

Do you have a dairy allergy or intolerance? Can you also not eat soya due to an allergy or sensitivity? If you miss yogurt then you’ll love CoYo’s new coconut yogurt, available in lots of flavours and tastes really rich and creamy