Is depression a kind of allergic reaction?

Thanks to my friend Andy for sharing this link to an article from the Guardian, “Is depression a kind of allergic reaction?”, which explores recent research and the views of many scientists who believe that depression is increasingly a result inflammation caused by the body’s immune system. The labels ‘depression‘ or ‘mental health‘ are still […]

Could prurigo be caused by processed foods?

There is apparently no real known cause for nodular prurigo (NP) although insect bites can trigger it. Generally it’s just something doctors say you have and which will go away when you stop scratching. But boy does prurigo itch. And it bleeds. Man does it bleed. It’s not like normal eczema. It bleeds profusely, sometimes […]

Yoga postures for allergies and asthma

Most people probably associate yoga with meditation and perhaps a collection of postures and exercises which promote flexibility and relaxation, but it’s far more than that. A full yoga workout will: detox, boost adrenal, lymphatic, hypothalamus and pituatory glands for all round body and organ workout.