Beware of Spanish Romesco sauce – contains nuts and wheat!

I love a bit of food porn, which is what I call my fascination with cookery programmes despite the fact that nearly every recipe on TV is laced with allergens that I can’t eat. I think in some way I’m imagining my other life, the one where I CAN eat all these things without fear […]

Tomato free chilli sauce, made with lots of red stuff

Cooking without dairy and tomato can be quite a challenge but the safest, tastiest and healthiest solution I’ve found is to make my own tomato free red sauce. It may sound time consuming but you can make a huge batch and freeze for later use and it’s dead easy to make.

Top ten tips for cooking separate meals; one allergen free and one normal

Is there more than one person with allergies in your household? Do you all eat the same thing and ban all allergens? or do you try to eat together but sometimes cook separate meals at the same time? Fraught with problems, so here are my top ten tips for cooking at home when some have allergies and some don’t!

Tomato free red sauce for people with a tomato allergy

After years of missing Nomato sauce a chance encounter this morning on Facebook has uncovered a fantastic Tomato Free Sauce company. If you are allergic or intolerant to tomato check this out…