‘Origins long wearing concealer’ for covering up skin rashes

Makeup can contain many harsh chemicals, colourings, fillers, perfumes and other noxious substances that those with sensitive skin may react to, but let’s face it, there are times when makeup is needed, and when red blotchy skin could do with a bit of camouflage.

What do you do when the day before that wedding, a friends party or a meal out and you have a skin flare-up. A paper bag would do the trick but you might get some funny looks. Anyway I have found one product which doesn’t give me any problems so I thought I’d share it here.

Origins long wearing concealer

Origins long wearing concealer

Origins long wearing concealer

It’s not cheap at £13 a pop, but a small tube lasts me ages. I prefer to go ‘au naturel’ but sometimes it’s just nicer to cover up.

It’s better for your self esteem, means people don’t stare at your red skin and comment on it and I’m even sure this stuff actually helps to heal my rashes.

I can’t be sure and perhaps it’s purely that with concealer on my skin I’m less likely to touch my face, but my skin is usually a hundred times better the morning after wearing this concealer. Perhaps I should wear it every day?

I rarely wear any makeup. I find that still, even at my ripe old age (it’s rude to ask a lady her age) I am rubbish with makeup. I always feel like a made-up clown when I try to apply it and eyeliner pencils and mascara make my eyes water, which is kind of a bad look where makeup is concerned.

When red blotchy skin strikes your face it can be really wearing. Not only does it hurt, but it’s out there for everyone to see and you can’t hide.

A paper bag or a scarf around the face sometimes feel like a good option since some people, even friends and family, will often comment. They’re usually trying to be kind but comments about anyones appearance do nothing for the self esteem. They draw more attention to the raging skin you’re trying bravely to ignore etc. etc. Why me? I find myself screaming silently in my head, and when I see photographs of myself when my skin is bad I often want to weep.

So here is my little secret. I wear this concealer and it makes me feel normal again. If I take off my glasses I can’t even tell I’m wearing any makeup at all. It gives quite a smooth even effect.

Give it a try but please do test an area first. (please God let noone try this and react)

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