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Pycnogenol helps block histamine production

Could a simple plant extract help to reduce hay fever, allergic reactions and asthma? Studies into the potency and success of pycnogenol, a natural herb extract, seem to suggest it could do just that…

Allergy Support Group – so what goes on?

Last week’s Allergy Support Group was a huge success. Here’s a short review of just some of the things we chatted about during the evening, from coping with kids who have allergies to eating out and avoiding allergens when shopping and cooking.

Don’t forget – Allergy Support Group, Thu 21st June

Just a really quick blog/reminder that there is an Allery Support Group happening near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire tomorrow night, Thursday 21st June, from 7-9pm.

Gluten, wheat and dairy free tortilla wraps

Ever thought you’d never be able to enjoy tortilla wraps again? Well you can! I tried The Foodamentalists gluten, wheat and dairy free tortilla mix and they were delicious. If I can make them, anyone can, so give it a go!

Blood on the sheets – a poem about scratching at night

A poem to sum up how I feel right now, in the middle of an itch, scratch war and loosing. Scrubbing the blood from the sheets this morning I found inspiration from this song and wrote this poem.

New 5p and 10p coins raise Nickel allergy concerns

The Royal Mint has already begun production of new 5p and 10p coins which some experts believe could be highly allergenic for those with nickel allergy. So what’s different with these new coins and why are they potentially more allergenic?

Why The Allergy Show IS great!

The Allergy and FreeFrom show 2012 in London was busier this year than ever. Despite being unfortunate enough to have an allergic reaction at the show, here are my highlights, from just a morning wandering around. So much more to see…