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Five proofs that allergies aren’t so modern

They didn’t have allergies in my day. It’s all in your head. Could you cure yourself by just eating lots of your allergen? Ever get fed up hearing comments like this? Well allergies are not new and here are just a few proofs that they’ve been around for some time…

NHS eczema and allergy services – the postcode lottery

Just in my family the services received through the NHS for allergies and eczema are so vastly different. Do you get good or bad support from your local NHS doctor? Are you worried about the post code lottery NHS services?

WordTheatre in aid of The Anaphylaxis Campaign

Excellent fund raising event at Adam Street in London by Wordtheatre and in aid of The Anaphylaxis Campaign. An inspirational evening with short stories read and performed live by actors. Great night out. Loved it!

My husband stole the croissants

One of the things I really miss about avoiding certain foods are croissants and pain au chocolat – they are but a distant memory. If you avoid gluten and/or wheat because you have a food intolerance, allergy or are coeliac, check out these new gluten free treats from Genius