Why you should NEVER pop a cold sore

This is just a really quick blog post about cold sores. I keep getting asked on my original cold sore blog, “The Do’s and Don’ts of cold sores”, ‘should I pop a cold sore?’

Scabbed cold sore

A scabbed cold sore

The answer?

Is NO. Nope. Never. Just don’t do it.
Apart from it being very painful cold sores are also extremely contagious and can spread if you pick them.

I know some people do find relief from popping them but if you do, wash your hands thoroughly and remember, you could be left with scarring.

My advice?

  • Use Zovirax or Abreeva at the first sign of a tingle every hour.
  • Dab on neat tea tree oil and/or bergamot oil with a cotton wool pad before bed and again first thing
  • Drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep and avoid cold sore loving foods
  • Also take L-lysine supplement at the first sign of tingling
  • If it does develop into a nasty cold sore apply tea tree and then aloe vera to seal it in.

There are loads more cold sore tips and articles on my blog, but please, please, don’t pop them.

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