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Should you eat almonds if you have a nut allergy?

The general rule when you have any nut allergy is often to avoid all other nuts, but is this always wise? When you consider the very high risk of cross contamination between nuts and obligatory ‘may contain’ warnings is it safer to just avoid all nuts? If test showed you were not allergic to almonds, would you risk it?

What you need to know about nut allergy in France

If you thought noix and noisettes were the words for nuts in French then you need to read this. They have a few key phrases for the collective group of nuts and it could be very easy to get confused when eating out or buying packaged foods…

Gluten or Wheat free beer – coeliac disease or wheat allergy?

If you have a wheat intolerance or allergy, beer could cause you problems and you probably avoid real ale and lager. There may be some beers that you can drink, I found out that whilst gluten free beers may still cause you problems, there are some wheat free beers out there!

Do you hate the term ‘allergy or eczema sufferer’?

What do you think when someone refers to you as an ‘allergy sufferer’? Do you feel squirmy and think, NO, I don’t suffer, I’m not a sufferer… or have you never even thought about how this phrase might make people feel? Do you think we should use more positive phrases?